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•  Reductions in past month alcohol
        The  curriculum  engages  students
        with  interactive  tools  and  is  deliv-
        ered  using  state-of-the-art  instruc-
        tional  design  that  is  both  engaging
        and fun. Students do not just simply
        read and click through information;
        rather, they answer questions, make
        predictions,  and  evaluate  their  own

        Like all other D.A.R.E. courses, my-
        Playbook is taught by highly trained
        law  enforcement  officers  with  one
        significant difference – as a web-as-
        sisted curriculum designed to afford     full athletic potential and devel-  sons  addressing  underage  drinking
        continued  positive  officer/students    op  effective  strategies  to  deal  and providing guidance for celebrat-
        interaction,  it  actually  reduces  the   with  potentially  harmful  situa-  ing  safely.  “Celebrating  Safely”  is
        demands upon law enforcement per-        tions                            the first entry what will become a li-
        sonnel resources. The D.A.R.E. offi-                                      brary of D.A.R.E. high school stand-
        cer delivers two lessons and students   •  Constructed so students develop   alone presentations.
        complete  the  rest  of  the  course  on-  good  decision-making  skills  re-
        line.                                    garding multiple substances that  The Resource Packet includes…
                                                 can  negatively  affect  athletic
        myPlaybook  high  school  curricu-       performance                      •  A  Presentation  that  serves  as  a
        lum  meets  many  states  Standards                                          written guide on underage drink-
        of  Learning  for  health  education   •  Designed to attend to state Stan-  ing  and  provides  safety  tips  for
        and  has  been  used  successfully  in   dards  of  Learning  for  health    celebrations.  The  presentation  is
        9th/10th grade health classes.           education  and  has  been  used     perfect for assemblies or individ-
                                                 successfully  in  9th/10th  grade   ual classes
        myPlaybook Student Athlete               health classes
        Supplemental Lesson 9th, 10th or                                          •  PowerPoint slides to visually ac-
        11th Grade                            “We saw the brain and how drugs        company the presentation
                                              can  affect  the  brain  and  memory.
        The myPlaybook curriculum for the     The  lessons  were  easy  to  under-  •  A Film illustrating safety tips for
        general  student  body  also  includes   stand because of all the pictures.”  celebrations
        the  Student  Athlete  Supplemental                                       •  A Script for a live student perfor-
        Lesson. This lesson, provided at no   –  High  School  Student  who  com-    mance illustrating safety tips for
        extra cost, is an evidence-based cur-  pleted the myPlaybook curriculum      celebrations
        riculum  is  intended  to  address  the   Module #3: “Celebrating Safely”
        unique challenges drugs and alcohol   A Supplemental Resource             •  Pamphlets for parents containing
        present to student athletes.          Packet, 11th or 12th Grade             safety  tips  for  celebrations  and

        Additionally,  the  Student  Athlete   D.A.R.E.’s  high  school  curricu-    transportation tips
        supplemental lesson is…               la  also  provide  a  unique  Resource   EDUCATION CURRICULA. (n.d.). Re-
                                                                                  trieved February 7, 2020, from https://
        •  Tailored to educate on substances   Packet  for  a  high  school’s  home-
           that can inhibit abilities to reach   coming, prom, and graduation sea-

                                                           FEBRUARY 2020 NARCOTIC OFFICERS MAGAZINE™  —  7
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