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REAL  Messages  is  an  immersive
                                                                                  and fun way to teach students to an-
                                                                                  alyze ads they see every day and de-
                                                                                  velop critical thinking ability.
                                                                                  REAL Messages…

        Lesson 2: Consequences               be implemented individually, as com-  •  Is  an  engaging  and  fun  way  to
                                             panion pieces, or as a complete suite.  teach students toanalyze ads they
        Lesson Objectives                                                            see every day and develop criti-
                                             Module #1:                              calthinking ability
        •  Understand  how  alcohol  and     REAL Messages, 9th or 10th
           drugs affect the adolescent brain.  Grade                              •  Meets  state  standards  for  health
        •  Describe  the  negative  conse-   D.A.R.E.’s  REAL  Messages  is  a       education  and  other9th  or  10th
                                                                                     grade classes
           quences of alcohol and drug use.  health  and  media  literacy  curricu-
        •  Accurately  understand  risk  for   lum  that  reduces  alcohol,  tobacco,   •  Provides  teachers  feedback  on
                                                                                     student  performancein  the  les-
           experiencing consequences of al-  and  other  drug  abuse.  It  promotes   sons
           cohol and drug use.               healthy  and  safe  behavior  by  im-
                                             proving students’ abilities to analyze   Module #2:
        Lesson 3: Reasons for Use and        and  critically  evaluate  the  promo-
        Resisting Pressure                   tion of substance use in media such
                                             as social media, TV, print, and other
        Lesson Objectives                    forms.

        •  Understand  the  reasons  some    REAL Messages is designed to pro-
           people use AOD and alternatives   mote  positive  officer/student  rela-
           to use.                           tionships  without  serious  demands

        •  Understand  why  people  might    on  law  enforcement  personnel  re-
           pressure others to use AOD.       sources.  The  on-line  module  con-  myPlaybook High School
                                             sists of five brief, highly interactive
        •  Have  a  personal  plan  for  opting  lessons  delivered  through  state-of-  Curriculum 9th, 10th or 11th
           out  of  pressure  or  offers  to  use  the-art  e-learning  format.  The  of-  Grade
           AOD.                              ficer  delivers  an  introduction  and   Designed  for  a  high  school’s  gen-
                                             concluding  lesson  while  students
        Lesson 4: Being an Upstander         complete the rest of the curriculum   eral  student  body,  myPlaybook  is
                                                                                  modeled  after  an  evidence-based
        Lesson Objectives                    online. The program for 9th or 10th   program  that  has  been  shown  to
                                             grade students can be delivered in a   reduce  alcohol  and  drug  use.  Cre-
        •  Understand  themselves  as  im-   flexible format in one week or spread   ated  through  an  alliance  between
           portant  members  of  their  high  over 5 weeks.                       D.A.R.E.    America;    Prevention
           school community.
                                             D.A.R.E.’s REAL Messages is adapt-   Strategies, an official affiliate of the
        •  Understand  pressures  that  they  ed from an evidence-based curricu-  University  of  North  Carolina;  and
           and their peers may be facing.    lum  shown  to  change  attitudes  and   REAL Prevention, myPlaybook has
                                                                                  demonstrated truly exciting results!
        •  Feel  confident  stepping  into  a   intentions to use drugs. A self-paced
                                             curriculum, REAL Messages engag-
           scenario  safely.  BASED.  IM-    es  students  to  create  their  own  an-  High school students who complet-
           PACTFUL. EFFECTIVE.               ti-drug messages that they can share   ed the course experienced:

        D.A.R.E.’s  high  school  curricula   with  friends  and  the  community.  •  Greater improvements in skills to
        program  consists  of  three  distinct                                       resist drug offers
        modules that offer educators and law                                      •  More  accurate  perceptions  that
        enforcement  flexible  and  cost-effec-                                      friends  view  drug  use  as  unac-
        tive  options  for  providing  students                                      ceptable
        with relevant and timely information
        and tools to exercise responsible de-                                     •  Decreased intentions to use alco-
        cision-making.  The  curricular  com-                                        hol and cigarettes in the next 30
        ponents are independent, yet support-                                        days
        ive of one another. The modules can

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