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        D.A.R.E. Middle School Curriculum

         Based upon more than 20 years of research  them to act decisively and responsibly in
         by the Drug Resistance Strategies Project  difficult situations.
         about why our youth use drugs, D.A.R.E.
         America  collaborated  with  Penn  State   Evidence Based; Proven Efficacious
         University and Arizona State University to   The  curriculum  is  evidence-based  and
         create keepin’ it REAL, a state-of-the-art,   has been evaluated in a randomized con-
         middle school substance abuse prevention   trolled  trial  and  found  to  be  efficacious.
         program.                            The 10-lesson middle-school curriculum is
         Grounded  in  cultural  norms,  the  pro-  highly interactive, involves multiple media   •  32% to 44% reduction in marijuana, to-
         gram  teaches  youth  how  to  live  drug-  materials that youth find engaging, and, like   bacco, and alcohol use;
         free  lives  confidently,  drawing  on  the   the elementary school curriculum, is based
         strengths of the students, their families,   on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) prin-  •  29% to 34% decrease in intent to accept
         and communities.                    ciples that fit well with current research and   substances; and
                                             practice in teaching middle-school youth.
         Like the elementary school curriculum, the                               •  Reduction  and  cessation  of  substance
         acronym “REAL” is the central message of   The rigorous, scientific evaluations of the   use.
         the curriculum and teaches youth four ways   D.A.R.E. keepin’ it REAL curriculum for
         to  refuse  drug  offers  —  Refuse,  Explain,   students in grades six through nine, show  EDUCATION CURRICULA. (n.d.). Re-
         Avoid,  and  Leave.  These  strategies  help   students completing the course evidenced  trieved February 7, 2020, from https://
         youth stay away from drugs by preparing   a:                   


        D.A.R.E. High School Curricula

        Lesson 1: Your Community and
        Perceptions of Alcohol and Other
        Drug Use
        Lesson Objectives
        •  Identify themselves as important
           members of their school commu-
        •  Understand  the  relationship  be-
           tween  Alcohol  and  Other  Drug
           (AOD)  use  and  being  a  good
           community member.
        •  Understand the role social norms
           play in shaping their behavior.
        •  Understand that high school stu-
           dents who choose not to drink or
           do drugs are in the majority.
                                             myPlaybook: Core is a four-lesson curriculum designed for delivery to High School Stu-
                                             dents, ideally in 9th or 10th grade. The lesson content is aligned with D.A.R.E. Elemen-
                                             tary and Middle school program concepts, continuing the focus on understanding risk
                                             behavior and making decisions that support safety and health.

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