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Personal Statement from the Editor...

                                              Welcome to our next issue, Nar-    including K-9’s and public officials
                                           cotic Officers Magazine, Issue 1 Feb-  make the ultimate sacrifice. We ask
                                           ruary 2020.  As always, I would like to  that you remember the fallen as we
                                           thank each of you for advertising, your  pay tribute each year.
                                           support, hard work and dedication.       Our publication has always
                                           None of this is possible without you. I  received outstanding support from
                                           am here to educate the public and law   the public and business community
                                           enforcement community in the aware-   leaders across the nation. Our spon-
                                           ness of narcotics, drugs, and other ad-  sors show their appreciation by taking
                                           dictive substances. I also make every   out an advertisement in the Narcotic
                                           effort to support programs that teach   Officers Magazine, displaying their
                                           kids, parents, and the law enforcement  decals on their vehicles or place of
                                           community about drug use.             business. Please support the advertis-
                                              We continue focusing our support-  ers whenever possible. The advertisers
                                           ed programs towards drug education    offer several goods and services that
                                           and equipment donations. We will      stretch across the nation. If possible,
                                           continue to produce a high-qual-      please try to support the businesses
                                           ity magazine to help promote the      that advertise in the Narcotic Officers
                                           exchange of ideas and information     Magazine. You can follow us on our
                                           among law enforcement agencies and    Facebook to stay up to date with the
                                           support groups. We have found that    latest in equipment donations and
                                           our publication, Narcotic Officers    news. Together, we can make a differ-
                                           Magazine, has been both education-    ence!
                                           al and helpful to both public safety     I leave our fellow brothers and
                                           officials, and the general public with   sisters with this speech by William
                                           an interest in drug safety and educa-  Hollis. “Struggles, challenges and
                                           tion. This year we are adding a buyer’s  hard times offer you much more value
                                           guide to each issue of the magazine.   than any other time in your life. You
                                           This will highlight first responder and   cannot grow without struggle. You
                                           related companies to sell their prod-  cannot get STRONGER without resis-
                                           ucts.                                 tance. Think about a time in your life
                                              We have a lot of exciting things   that may have been hard but forced
                                           happening this year as we approach    you to become better. Get grateful for
                                           our ten-year anniversary. If you hav-  the struggles and WORK on yourself
                                           en’t already, go follow us on Facebook  to ensure your future has much more
                                           to keep up with all our updates. We   PLEASURE than PAIN.” Till next
                                           will be adding a membership section   time, stay safe!
                                           for all law enforcement and setting
                                           up an email campaign. We are still       Matt Neelley
                                           donating the much-needed trauma kits                  President
                                           (IFAK) to underfunded law enforce-
                                           ment agencies, individuals and to K-9
                                           associations as well. Another program
                                           we continue to support is D.A.R.E.
                                           America. It is through drug educa-
                                           tion that we can continue to teach our
                                           youth the dangers and harmful effects
                                           of drug use and abuse. Each year
                                           many of our law enforcement officers,

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