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                                                                                DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION
             Figure 4. Nationwide Reports of Fentanyl, Synthetic Opioids, and Precursor Chemicals, 2017       Fentanyl and Other Synthetic Opioids

                           Source: DEA

           York, and New Jersey had the most fentanyl       Fentanyl represented nearly three-quarters of
           reports in NFLIS in 2017 (see Figure 3).         all state reports of fentanyl, synthetic opioids,
           Moreover, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey     and precursor chemicals to NFLIS in 2017,
           were among the five states with the most         showing continued higher availability of the
           heroin reports in NFLIS in 2017.  This further   drug compared to other synthetic opioids
           emphasizes the continued overlap between the     (see Figure 4). Carfentanil was the second
           heroin market and the fentanyl market.           most reported synthetic opioid overtaking
                                                            furanyl fentanyl (third), suggesting carfentanil
           Overlap between the fentanyl market and the      availability increased between 2016 and 2017.
           cocaine market appears to remain limited even    Carfentanil’s availability is largely driven by
           as law enforcement across the country report     Ohio’s submissions, which reported 77 percent
           more instances of the two drugs mixed. Two       of all state-level reports of carfentanil in 2017.
           of the states with the most fentanyl reports
           in NFLIS in 2017—Ohio and New York—also          According to DEA’s Fentanyl Signature Profiling
           overlapped with states that submitted the most   Program (FSPP), fentanyl seized and analyzed in
           cocaine reports, with Ohio overlapping between   the United States in 2018 averaged 5.3 percent
           fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine.  This may be      pure, based on analysis of approximately 722
           due to a combination of the overall increased    fentanyl powder exhibits representing 929
           availability of cocaine in the United States and   kilograms. FSPP analysis indicated fentanyl
           the significant co-occurrence of cocaine and     available in the United States could range from
           fentanyl in overdose deaths.                     0.1 percent to 96.8 percent pure depending on

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