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Personal Statement from the Editor...

                                                Welcome to our second issue of   shot or stabbed to slow the bleeding.
                                           2021, Narcotic Officers Magazine,     Please reach out to us if you or your
                                           Volume 10 Issue 2, June 2021.  As     agency is needing a trauma kit. Our
                                           always, I would like to thank each    advertisers and sponsors help pay
                                           of you for advertising, your support,   for these lifesaving kits.
                                           hard work and dedication. None
                                           of this is possible without you. I         Our publication has always
                                           am here to educate the public and     received outstanding support from
                                           law enforcement community in the      the public and business commu-
                                           awareness of narcotics, drugs, and    nity leaders across the nation. Our
                                           other addictive substances. I also    sponsors show their appreciation by
                                           make every effort to support pro-     taking out an advertisement in the
                                           grams that teach kids, parents, and   Narcotic Officers Magazine, display-
                                           the law enforcement community         ing their decals on their vehicles or
                                           about drug use.                       place of business. Please support
                                                                                 the advertisers whenever possible.
                                                This year marks our 10th anni-   The advertisers offer several goods
                                           versary. We continue focusing our     and services that stretch across the
                                           supported programs towards drug       nation. If possible, please try to
                                           education, equipment donations, and  support the businesses that advertise
                                           k9 programs that supply K9’s with     in the Narcotic Officers Magazine.
                                           Narc overdose kits. We continue to    You can follow us on our Facebook
                                           produce a high-quality magazine to    to stay up to date with the latest in
                                           help promote the exchange of ideas    equipment donations and news. To-
                                           and information among law enforce-    gether, we can make a difference!
                                           ment agencies and support groups.
                                           We have found that our publication,        “But my glory, it doesn’t happen
                                           Narcotic Officers Magazine, con-      in front of a crowd. It doesn’t hap-
                                           tinues to be both educational and     pen in a stadium or on a stage. There
                                           helpful to both public safety officials,   are no medals handed out. It happens
                                           and the public with an interest in    in the darkness of the early morning.
                                           drug safety and education.            In solitude. Where I try. And I try.
                                                                                 And I try again. With everything I
                                                We are currently receiving a high   have, to be the best that I can possi-
                                           demand for trauma kits. Daily we      bly be.” – Jocko Willink
                                           are receiving calls, emails and direct
                                           messages requesting these lifesaving   Till next time, stay safe!
                                           kits. It continues to boggle my mind
                                           as to why any department would not
                                           include trauma kits in their budget.   Matt Neelley
                                           As little as $46 a kit can be found                  President
                                           online with the necessary items to
                                           assist in stopping a wound or limb
                                           from bleeding out. Another item
                                           that can be purchased on its own is a
                                           tampon, which can be used to assist
                                           in plugging a bullet or stab wound.
                                           We used them when I was in the mil-
                                           itary to assist soldiers who have been

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