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Grand Jury Indicts More than a Dozen

        People in Drug Ring Stretching From

        LA To St. Louis

        ST. LOUIS – The U.S. Marshals arrested   • Terry James Williams, 34, of Carson,  ing  Assistant  Agent  in  Charge.  “As
        16 people Tuesday as the result of a fed-  California                     a  result,  this  investigation  yielded  a
        eral grand jury indictment returned Jan.                                  successful outcome on the dismantle-
        6, 2021, charging them with conspiracy   • Clifford Dwight Davis, Jr., 40, of Los   ment  of  a  major  criminal  enterprise.”
        to  distribute  and  possess  with  intent  to   Angeles
        distribute  methamphetamine,  and  con-  • Maria D. Flores-Cervantes, 32, of Los   The methamphetamine offense carries a
        spiracy  to  commit  money  laundering.   Angeles                         maximum term of imprisonment of life,
                                                                                  a fine of up to $10 million or both. The
        For  more  than  a  year,  the  Drug  En-  • Jacqueline  Renee  Harris,  39,  of  St.  money laundering offense carries a max-
        forcement  Administration  St.  Louis   Charles                           imum term of 20 years imprisonment, a
        Division,  Homeland  Security  Investi-                                   fine of up to $500,000, or both. Posses-
        gations,  U.S.  Postal  Inspection  Service   • Thomas William Fogle, 41, of Bonne   sion of a firearm in furtherance of drug
        and  Jefferson  County  Municipal  En-  Terre, Mo.                        trafficking carries a mandatory minimum
        forcement  Group,  conducted  an  in-  • Richard  Leroy  Clark,  61,  of   sentence  of  60  months  imprisonment
        vestigation  targeting  a  drug  trafficking   Farmington, Mo.            and/or a fine of up to $250,000, consec-
        organization  responsible  for  the  distri-                              utive to any other sentence imposed. The
        bution  of  crystal  methamphetamine  in   • Sarah  Nicole  Reynolds,  36,  of  defendants charged with being felons in
        the  St.  Louis  region  with  a  network   DeSoto, Mo.                   possession of a firearm face a maximum
        connected  to  Los  Angeles,  California.                                 term of imprisonment of 10 years, a fine
                                               • Joseph Michael Suraud, 41, of Arnold,   of up to $250,000, or both. Charges set
        According to the indictment, on June 18,   Mo.                            forth in the indictment are merely ac-
        2020,  investigators  joined  with  the  St.   • Alexandra  Marni  Chambers,  27,  of   cusations  and  do  not  constitute  proof
        Charles  County  (Mo.)  Regional  Drug   Arnold, Mo.                      of  guilt.  Every  defendant  is  presumed
        Task Force and the St. Louis Metropolitan                                 to  be  innocent  unless  proven  guilty.
        Police Department to execute search war-  • Deidre  Denise  Medcalf,  51,  of
        rants at locations associated with Dedrick   Eureka, Mo.                  The  investigation  involved  the  follow-
        Jordan,  Joseph  Holliman  and  Brandon                                   ing  law  enforcement  agencies:  DEA,
        Thomas. Investigators seized more than   • David  Michael  Nuelle,  34,  of  St.  HSI,  U.S.  Postal  Inspection  Service,
        $140,000  in  cash,  crystal  methamphet-  Louis                          U.S. Marshals Service, Jefferson Coun-
        amine and high-grade marijuana, as well   • Matthew  Joseph  Aubin,  43,  of   ty Sheriff’s Department, St. Charles City
        as two assault rifles and four handguns.                                  and County Police, Phelps County Sher-
        Another  gun  was  seized  from  a  secret   Imperial, Mo.                iff’s Department, Arnold Police Depart-
        compartment  in  a  vehicle,  which  was   • Kevin John Karll, 66, of High Ridge,   ment and the Normandy Police Depart-
        stopped on its way to St. Louis, contain-  Mo.                            ment, all in Missouri.
        ing 28 pounds of methamphetamine with
        a purity level of more than 90 percent.  Ebony Silinzy, 43, of St. Louis, was in-  Grand jury indicts more than a dozen
                                             dicted  separately  for  obtaining  firearms   people in drug ring stretching
        Four of the individuals indicted are from  on  behalf  of  Holliman,  who  is  a  con-  from LA to St. Louis. DEA. (n.d.).
        Los Angeles,  with  the  remainder  being  victed  felon  and  prohibited  from  pur-
        based in the St. Louis metropolitan area.  chasing or possessing firearms. Thomas  es/2021/01/13/grand-jury-indicts-
        The defendants are:                  and Holliman, who are previously con-  more-dozen-people-drug-ring-
                                             victed  felons,  were  also  charged  with  stretching-la-st-louis.
          • Brendon Darnell Thomas, 44, of St.   unlawful   possession   of   firearms.
           Louis                                                                  January 13, 2021

          • Joseph  Robert  Holliman,  46,  of  St.   “It  takes  a  collective  effort  with  our   Contact: Andree Swanson
                                                                                  Phone Number: (314) 538-4600
           Louis                             DEA  counterparts  to  identify  and  in-  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
                                             vestigate members of these illegal drug
          • Dedrick  Deshon  Jordan,  32,  of  Los  trafficking  organizations,”  noted  Ma-
           Angeles                           rissa Lee, DEA St. Louis Division Act-

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