About Us

About Us

Promoting the exchange of ideas and information among law enforcement agencies and support groups.

As always we would like to thank each of you for advertising, your support, hard work and dedication. None of this is possible without you. We are here to educate the public and law enforcement community in the awareness of narcotics, drugs, and other addictive substances. We continue to make every effort to support programs that teach kids, parents, and the law enforcement community about drug use, supply safety equipment free of charge and support memorial programs for the ones who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.

Our publication has always received outstanding support from the public and business community leaders across the nation. Our supporters show their appreciation by taking out an advertisement in the Narcotic Officers Magazine, displaying their decals on their vehicles or place of business. Please support the advertisers whenever possible. You can follow us on our Facebook to stay up to date with the latest in equipment donations and news. Together, we can make a difference!

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